Ltd Kutaisi Auto Mechanical Plant has a wide range of services and offers them to industrial enterprises and small businesses located in the region:

  1. Repair works of electric motors  (Technical specifications: Capacity: 0,2-160 KW; Weight: 2-1500 kg.)

     2. Repair works of power plant turbine Babbitt bearing  (Technical specifications: Outer diameter:  1200 mm; Inner diameter:    860 mm; Height:   1100 mm.)

     3. Repair works of crusher axis     (Technical specifications: Outer diameter:  1200 mm; Length:   5 600 mm.)

     4. Repair works of generator axis   (Technical specifications: Outer diameter:  1400 mm; Length:   3000 mm.)

     5. Repair woks of hydro power plant turbine axis  (Technical specifications: Outer diameter:  1500 mm; Length:   12000 mm.)

     6. Repair works of mine locomotive pairs (Technical specifications: Outer diameter:  890 mm;  Length:  900 mm.)